Infusion Services


The arizona arthritis center infusion clinicBiologic therapies have proven to be important and effective treatments for inflammatory arthritis, bowel disease, and skin disease. Remicade®, Enbrel®, Kineret®, Orencia®, Rituxan® and Humira® are now improving the lives of thousands of patients, and new agents are on the horizon. The University Physicians Healthcare began a Biologic Infusion Center in October 2000 to administer intravenous therapies in a safe and comfortable environment.

The Infusion Center currently operates four days a week. It is staffed by two full time registered nurses (RNs) and two part time RNs who have Intensive Care Unit experience. Comfortable recliner chairs, T.V., and videos help the infusion time pass quickly. Patients are monitored carefully and rheumatologists and nurse practitioners are available on site.

The Center welcomes referrals for biological therapy infusions from outside physicians. Patients will be evaluated prior to the initial treatment by either a staff clinician or a nurse practitioner. Copies of the infusion notes are sent to the referring providers. Physicians are notified regarding important problems or infusion reactions.

Highly effective intravenous therapy for:

  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • psoriatic arthritis
  • inflammatory bowel disease

Patient monitoring by on-site rheumatology physicians or nurse practitioners

On-site insurance authorization specialist

For assistance in referring patients, call (520) 694-8888.