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Doctor assists patient in various disability assessment tests 


The Disability Assessment Research Clinic (DARC) has been in operation since 1994. In that time, the Clinic has conducted more than 4000 comprehensive, integrated psycho/social, neuropsychological, medical and vocational assessments directly related to assisting numerous public, private, state and federal programs in their work with individuals with medical, physical, mental, psychological, neuropsychological and psychiatric disabilities. 


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Current Services 

While DARC continues to provide medical, psychological and vocational services, the major focus is on assisting disabled persons in their effort to obtain various benefits. These include short and long term as well as social security disability.


Referrals to DARC typically come from practicing physicians. We work closely with the treatment team to verify disability.


DARC has a group of local attorneys highly experienced in the field of disability law.


Other objectives of the DARC:

  • assisting individuals in making valid decisions regarding rehabilitation planning related to re-employment, further education and/or training; 
  • minimizing the medical, social and legal impact of work injuries, determining future employment potential; and 
  • assisting individuals who are identified as unable to return to work in obtaining economic support through long-term disability and/or social security.


DARC is directed David W. Smith, D.ED., DABPS, FACFE, MACF, who has devoted his life to helping individuals with disabilities. Dr. Smith is a specialist in Disability Determination, having been a consultant for the Bureau of Hearings and Appeals and the Social Security Administration for many years. His experience includes special training in musculoskeletal disease with major emphasis on the degree to which medically confirmed impairments interfere with physical function related to employment. He is the former director of a comprehensive rehabilitation Center.


If you would like to contact Disability Assessment Research Clinic, please call (520) 626-2982.