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Invest in the future of the Arizona Arthritis Center with an endowment of at least $10,000 per gift policy.


The money you donate as an endowment becomes the principal that the University of Arizona Foundation invests for the benefit of the Arizona Arthritis Center.  The resulting investmetn returns provide an annual income to the Arizona Athritis Center in perpatuity.


You determine

  • how to fund the endowment.
  • the name and use of the endowment.


How it Works


Funds are invested and managed by the University of Arizona Foundation Investment Committee.  Its goal is a balanced portfolio for optimal total return and a stable source of long-term funding.


Currently, 4% of a fund’s market value is paid out annually to support the donor's area of interest in the Arizona Arthritis Center.  Anything remaining from the return after the payout and fees is reinvested with the principal so that the endowment can grow over time.


For more information about establishing a permanent endowment fund, please contact the Arizona Arthritis Center Development Office.